Friday, July 27, 2012

Signs of Kidney Failure

I thought I better write a PSA type post to everyone so they can identify any early signs of problems with their kidneys. 

1. Exhaustion - Total exhaustion even if you had a whole night sleep. (i experienced this i was so tired i even had to stop to take a nap at the side of the highway) 

2. Loss of Appetite -  Sudden loss of appetite (this happen to me i stopped eating dinner)

3. Water Retention - if you feel or see your leg become visibly swollen or see the condition below that is water retention (pitting endema) (i did not experience this)

4. High Blood pressure (i experienced this)

5. Anemia - Because damaged kidneys make less of a hormone callederythropoietin (epoetin, or EPO). EPO tells the bone marrow to make new red blood cells (i experienced this)

6. Frothy Urine - This is more for the men. If you find that you pee is very frothy like beer everytime after you pee (standing up that is) it basically meant that there is protein in your urine if this happens constantly please get it checked out. Protein should not be in your urine. 

Becareful everyone make sure u all take care. 

For a more technical look at CKD here is a link to Wiki

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Happens During a Session of Dialysis

The Definition of Dialysis from Wikipedia is as follows

"In medicine, dialysis (from Greek dialusis,"διάλυσις", meaning dissolution, dia, meaning through, and lysis, meaning loosening or splitting) is a process for removing waste and excess water from the blood, and is used primarily to provide anartificial replacement for lost kidney function in people with renal failure."

This is the actual definition but what really goes on in a session. let us begin at the start (this is a patients eye view not medical or technical) I am talking about hemodialysis. Below is a basic diagram from wiki too..

First all the patients do we take our vitals. Weight, Temperature and Blood Pressure. Then the nurse will ask whether you have had any complications at home or not? The standard question the nurses ask is "Kat Rumah ok?"

After these pleasantries not the fun really begins this part is my "favourite" part Cannulation this is where the nurse has to use the needle to cannulate/ prick you to get into your artery and vein. 2 of these needles have to be cannulated, if you all were wondering the size is as below.

Quite big huh?

if everything goes well then we start the 4 hour session. During this session we are free to do what ever we please... some read books/ newspapers, like me I watch movies and read emails some do work, some sleep and sometimes we chit chat between patients as well. The cool part of dailysis for me is meeting friends. Everyone from nurses to the patients we spend 12 hours a week together.

I must praise my nurses here they really brighten up my days. I love the banter and back and forth we share lets me practice my Bahasa Malaysia and makes the 4 hours go by faster.

Alot of people have asked what happens in this 4 hours. Basically it is a big elaborate machine to filter your blood. (this is my own understanding of it) It does it by osmosis through a filter called a dialyzer as below

My blood flows into the dialyzer and through the small little tubes us see above inside the osmosis draws out the bad liquid and lets the rest past through. \

Basically that is it. A normal session is 4 hours and after completing this we have to check our vitals again and if everything is alright we get to go home. (complications I keep for another entry.)

On a side note. I wish my friend who is in hospital as of right now a swift recovery. This person also suffers End Stage Renal Failure and I wish him all the best. As I always believe "Do your Best, God will do the Rest". Don't worry too much for all u know things may get better. Sometimes when we stand in the storm its hard to see the silver lining. 

Please feel free to ask me anything. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Story So far

It has been and interesting year and a challenging one to say the least in the past year i have been on a emotional and physiological roller coaster. About 9 months ago I was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure... Big words i know. This just meant my kidneys don't work very well anymore... to be honest the reality of the situation was and still is kinda of hard to swallow but now dialysis is part and parcel of my daily life.

Want to know how my kidney's came to fail? if you do listen up. To be honest it was my own negligence of my own health. I was negligent in taking care of my hypertension (another big word for high blood pressure) so because of my hypertension being too high my kidneys gave way... they tend to do that if your blood pressure is not for people out there suffering from hypertension be careful see your doctor often... don't be like me...

The was diagnosed was funny as well. I was having dinner at a restaurant and I was not feeling too good. I was tired and had a persistent ache in my abdomen area. To be honest I had been feeling tired for months (persistent exhaustion is one of the signs of kidney failure). At dinner i didn't have much to eat and my aunt who was visiting remarked that i look remarkably pale and anemic (anemia is another signs of kidney failure). We thought we have to get it checked and went to see a doctor. I was diagnosed to be suffering from appendicitis and was admitted. Then upon further inspection (blood test) it was discovered my Creatinine was 1400++ and thus explained all the malady's that I was suffering.

This whole situation happen to a point in my life which was interesting too... My wife and I just bought a house and baby Eva had just turned 1 we were all looking forward to the future and what it might bring. then suddenly this big bomb was dropped... and it hit home and it hit home hard. i know Mum and Kah Peng cried alot but they never showed it in front of me... they always tried to keep a brave face but you could see it they were hurting. I cried too first time in my life i was really unsure what the future held... thoughts like "would i make it?", "what i am i going to do?" all this scared and for the first time in my life i think i cried uncontrollably for 2 nights... i was in the HDU (High Dependency Unit) and at night it is a lonely place... You were left with only your thoughts... and i have to admit i was scared s***less (pardon my language). Everything was happening so fast... we had so much to deal with suddenly... At this juncture I have to really thank everyone who has visited and sent stuff and wishes. I have to really thank my family friend Aunty Sharon that spent so much time to explain and really put some of my fears to rest. I would like to thank all my uncles, aunts and cousins who have offered help in one way or another.. I can never repay all of your kindness. The 2 people who have supported me the most has been my mother and my wife they have supported me financially and emotionally. They are my heroes and I would have never coped if not for them..

You know the main thing i learnt from this the sooner i stop asking "Why Me?" and change to question to "What can I do?" it put the power back in my hands and one starts to feel a sense of control again. Thus began my adventures in dialysis. You know the saying behind every cloud there is a silver lining I believe this is true. Life is about perception i started dialysis still feeling sad and depressed that i had to sit through 4 hours of treatment but now it is not so much a chore but an opportunity to meet new friends (we dialysis patients even have a whatsapp group) and nurses (ha ha ha please no dirty fetishes here). The nurses and patients have become fast friends (some are on my Facebook) and dialysis seems to be pass faster. We really felt the pinch financially and my salary and mum's salary really went into paying for my treatment and it even made us abandon many plans of holidays and also made us contemplate selling the house my wife and I purchased. Recently my Socso subsidy application was approved and now the future seems brighter. The finacial burden has lifted somewhat and it seems things are falling into place. For now we can once again dream... the future does not look too bleak...

Sorry for the long post.. if anyone has any questions feel free to ask me...

Friday, January 18, 2008

My 2 Women.... no i am not the Health Minister

2 Queens in my life rule,
Both complete me make me full,
One older and wiser who created me,
One younger which i hope will marry me,

My mum a Sun in my life,
My pillar of strenght when in strife,
A lovely woman of rats afraid,
"A loving being" that has to be said,

Thank you mum fou always being there,
Even when i never cared,
Always my safety you will be,
A job no other will do willingly

You let me spread my wings so i may find,
Freedom and a charmed life which is fine,
You were the wind to help me soar on high,
You are my inspiration to higher fly.

All i hope is to live up to you one day,
To material things attention less pay,
But to care for your fellow man,
To love one another as much we can.

My "Dear" my bride to be,
I say that Hopefully,
Love her to bits I do,
A caring person and loving too.

A Lioness sometimes you may be,
But in a higher light u see me,
Wanting me to be better,
Not letting me be a slacker.

A better person You make me,
You complete me as you will see,
Trust in our love today,
Will last forever never fail or fray.

Alexander 2008

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dammit time flies when u are LAZY :P

Damm time i think left me behind... its been bout 2 years since i blogged... but many happy things have happen last year looking back i think i had a good year.

But my cousin just split with his GF of 4 years i feel he is still bummed. A short one for ya Jace

A suprise to you i think it was,
When she said her because,
To end some shared for 4 years,
I this it must have brought tears.

My humble advice is to relax,
Not to let life get you preplexed,
No point stewing over what happend,
But look ahead over the horizon.

Brighter skies are up above,
Many other lesson of life and love,
I am always behind you,
You have my support in full.

Only thing to remember in love,
Is to love with your heart and to serve,
This i have learnt the hard way,
My ear lobes a little lower sway.

Alex 2008

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Not So Happy New Year

Sorry for the depressing title but my poem sums up my bitter sweet New Year :-

2006 has gone away,
2007 is here to stay,
But trough all the joy and merriment,
Has anyone heard the people’s laments?

Floods in Johor wreaking havoc,
All people left in shock,
For a few days we were concerned,
When New Year came our attention turned,

Turned to where and when to party,
Taking the problem rather lightly,
I am one of the guilty ones,
Not choosing help but to have fun.

The media rather cover New Year celebrations,
Our dumb Ferris wheel or smiling politicians,
Has anyone spared a thought to our suffering brethren?
Whose life and livelihood has nature threatened.

Think about the children not in schools,
They cannot study or play a fool,
Schools damaged beyond repair,
Can you imagine their despair,

Poor farmers with crops lost,
Who is going to bear the cost,
Who is going to help them re-grow their crops which perished,
Or replace livestock and pets so lovingly cherished,

What have we done today?
To help them not so far away,
Did we spare a prayer or a thought,
Did we give donations or gifts bought.

Or did we block it out ‘cos it is easy,
To not feel the guilt of us being greedy,
New Year was bitter sweet for me,
The count down just but a memory,

Nothing much to celebrate,
When the world is filled with hate,
Everyone being indifferent,
All I can do is to choose to be different,

Do not party or have a ball,
Instead try to celebrate small,
Have your family close to you,
Tell them “I love you“ and please be true,

Call old friends long forgotten,
Call old enemies and ask for pardon,
Let us start a new this year,
To live with love not anger,

I am not a party pooper,
But let us look at the situation in proper,
But maybe a change of heart is needed,
Maybe God’s advice needs to be heeded,

“Love your neighbour as yourself” God said
Let act on all promises made,
Promises made to ourselves and others,
Promises to God and all our brothers.

A Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year I wish to one and all,
Let us be different and stand up tall,
Let us remember our suffering brethren,
Not only enjoy all the merriment…. Alex 04 Jan 2007

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Poem Dedicated to Richard, Sally and Baby Elysee

taking a break from the huge Australia blog... My cousin Richard and his wife Sally just got a precious baby girl. She is so cute... Hope everyone is doing fine and we from malaysia wish all joy, happiness and health... So sorry on the belated post but here goes...

Congratulations on this blessed of days,
A Gift from God has come your way,
A little Angel has come into the world,
A most precious, beautiful Baby Girl,

An Angel to give you joy and hope,
Motivation to take on life's difficult slopes,
An Angel to test your temperament and wits,
An Angel whom you will love to bits,

Many sleepless nights you will endure,
But it will make you love her more,
Even in the darkest days,
An Angel’s smile would take them away,

Sally; A Great mother you will be,
I have no doubts, you will see,
You are benevolent and giving as the Sun,
Shining your love and care on everyone,

Richard today is the day you will be,
A Father to baby Elysse,
A place for baby to find comfort and happiness,
Baby’s refuge and rock through any sadness,

Baby Elysee do not worry,
All the family is in a flurry,
To prepare what is best for you,
Always be happy and never blue,

If there is any advice I dare to impart,
It is to be true to your heart,
Love each as much as you can,
And cherish each day with each other spent.

Alexander Tay 2006...

Hope you guys like it... and congaratulations again..